About Drovers tags

Drovers has developed a portfolio of Livestock Identification products including NLIS Cattle devices (TurboTags), NLIS Sheep Visual tags (EzyTags), two piece Visual tags (DuFlex Tags), Cattle Tail Tags and RFID readers. Drovers TurboTags and EzyTags conform to international standards and are approved as an official livestock identifier in Australia.

Our ear tag systems secure the animal’s identity from birth to slaughter, enabling traceability and documentation throughout the production chain. Drovers value supplying products that are of highest quality, supported by uncompromised service. Drover’s products have developed as a result of many years of research and development. Our tags are made from the highest quality plastics that include additives to enhance colour, resist microbial attack and inhibit UV fading or degradation. Our electronic RFID devices contain world class electronic components that are meticulously quality control checked.

DuFlex Management Tags

DuFlex Management tags are a two piece tagging system that are available in 11 high contrast colours. The various sizes are interchangeable and are printed using computer driven, laser etching.

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Cattle NLIS devices

The Combi E30® electronic tags for cattle are provisionally accredited for NLIS in Australia and are also approved as official devices for electronic identification in many other countries. The Combi E30® tag is ICAR (International Committee for Animal Recording) approved and ISO11784 and ISO11785 accredited.

These accreditations ensure compatibility with electronic scales, reading equipment and other installations that also comply with the standards.

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Cattle NLIS devices

Ezy Tags

Drovers EzyTags are available in 9 vibrant colours. new colour chart like DuFlex includes Black, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink and Purple Version II EzyTags have a new improved male pin with a wider stem for increased strength on application.

  • Small, lightweight ear tags are suited to new born lambs and kids
  • Tags will tolerate significant temperature variations, extreme levels of UV radiation and harsh environmental conditions
  • Number, letters (upper case only) and symbols (any character on your keyboard) are etched deep into the plastic. Laser marking is clear and easy to read while providing maximum contrast on a brightly coloured tag.
  • Supplied in multiples of 20
One Piece Visual Tags